It's an after-meeting-break o'clock. Sit. We found a quiet spot. Everyone and everything, they all fade to your radiance. I hope to sit and talk for hours when I don't need to mind staying here with you even if the sun is up.

When in July

There's always something in July. Something memorable. Unforgettable. Special. Life changing. I am not sure when this trend started but when I recollect the recent years, July serves a flavorful mix of ingredients that impacted my life so much. Some tasted honey. Some tasted bitter. I started my first job one July morning. Then I … Continue reading When in July


We're now halfway towards the end of the year yet how days unfolded quickly still surprises me.  I am thankful to the Lord about our recent trip in Cebu. I love how close we were with the nature: the fresh wind filling up our lungs, the awakening radiance of the sun, the vastness of sea … Continue reading Reboot