When in July

There’s always something in July. Something memorable. Unforgettable. Special. Life changing.

I am not sure when this trend started but when I tried to recollect the recent years, July serves a flavorful mix of ingredients that impacted my life so much. Some tasted honey. Some tasted bitter.

Seeing this pattern, I was feeling both excited and nervous even before this month has started. It was crazy to tame myself to chill when deep inside I was really expecting and looking forward for something. Yet I tried to lean more towards not manipulating because I also would not want things to happen for pattern’s sake.

Then the magic happened. Today. July 9, 2017. I consider this as the best thing yet. Don’t be overly excited because you might get disappointed. I did not get any career promotion, a boyfriend, won a house and lot, or any of that sort etc. It’s better than those.

It’s something inside. Like I was filled up with a different kind of peace and power.

I might sound crazy right now and why am I even telling about this? Only because my heart is so full and I want not to forget and I can’t shut up.

I was on our Sunday service and I can’t explain it but I was moved. It felt like the first time of encountering the love of God. It was renewing. I felt so pure not by my own doing but because of the extravagant love of the Lord to send Jesus to die at the cross, and his promise that the Spirit is now living in me. My faith on God’s future grace never felt so available. That I have the power to flee and say no to disobedience to God.
I was moved because the speaker kept on repeating to remember this day.

It’s a July. My tears wouldn’t stop. Everything flashed back. Every wrong decisions in July which all left tremendous impact to me.

How can I experience such beautiful love on the exact moment when I was unfaithful. It’s not logical that you will reap something beautiful on the land where you sow destruction.

Now I understand why I can’t remember when I first accepted Jesus. It’s because he set apart this day for that, July 9, 2017.

And the magic in July continues.


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