Book challenge

Here’s the rule:

Name the first 10 books that have impacted you in some way. Don’t take more than a minute, and don’t think too hard.

Here’s my list in no particular order and on ways they affected me:

1. The Kite Runner – Be courageous to stand for the weak

2. Sherlock Holmes (all of it) – Made me in love with mysteries

3. StrengthsFinder – Focus on your strengths

4. Anne of Green Gables – Be natural. Embrace your “freckles and red hair”

5. Little Women – There are different kinds of women. It’s okay whether you are the boyish type or the kind who loves to dress. Be distinct and embrace whatever gifts given to you.

6. The Hobbit – You are hand-picked for a thrilling, loooong adventure

7. Chronicles of Narnia – There are magical things reserved for those whose hearts are pure as a child’s

8. Wild at heart – Do not settle to a boy

9. Don’t follow your heart – You lead your heart

10. Noli me Tangere – We cannot heal the land unless we heal ourselves first

I nominate you to accept this challenge too!

Happy Friday,



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