Wrong assignments

Once, there’s a student who worked hard for an assignment. He did his research well, pulled an all-nighter, and spent most of his time and energy finishing the homework. He even asked a friend to proofread his work. Since he did his best, the student was confident about getting an A. He was too excited to see his graded paper. Then the day that the teacher will return the graded paper came. The teacher handed the paper to the excited student. Student looked at the paper. Heart stopped. A red “F” on the sheet. Underneath was the teacher’s note: “Very good content, very good grammar, well-researched, nice presentation but you answered the wrong assignment”.

Ouch. That’s unfortunate.

But I I like this story. It reminds me to invest my resources only on the right assignments. Could it be that our ability to follow instructions is more important to God over our intelligence and performance? That his ‘what’ is more important than our hows?

Maybe the reason why we’re tired is because we are pursuing the wrong assignments. We labor for the homeworks that God did not ask us to do. Or we’re still trying to work on those even if God already called us to pass the output.

Oh, things could get tangled in our head unless we seek his direction.


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